Natalia Soto

Graduate translator

Wiesenstr. 4

38102 Brunswick


Tel.: +49 1719925748


Skype: natalia.soto.tradunat



Natalia Soto

Übersetzungen - Traducciones - Translations

What are my key characteristics?




  • Your happiness is my priority. I hear you carefully and only when we have agreed on your wishes, will I be able to work on a translation/proofreading that meets 100% your needs.




  • I proofread your text accurately and pay special attention to the orthography, punctuation and grammar as well as style and meaning.
  • I also proofread the final text thoroughly after translating and make sure that the text is homogeneous and consistent. Only this way I can guarantee the best possible linguistical quality.




  • I only accept projects for which I am professionally qualified, which means that I only translate texts in which subjects I am specialized.
  • I only translate in my mother tongue (Spanish).
  • The expert knowledge for the projects is acquired through an exhaustive research, which involves gathering information from parallel texts, terminology and background information.
  • Furthermore, I frequently take part in training courses and acquire further education in specialized areas of translation as well as CAT tools.




  • Trust and confidentiality are absolutely implicit for me.
  • You can rely on me, no one will ever have access to the information and contents of your texts.




  • Before I start working on the translation, we will agree on a delivery date. I will strictly comply with this deadline so you can plan and ensure your whole project.