Natalia Soto

Übersetzungen - Traducciones - Translations


Language pairs


  • General and specialised translations (German/English>Spanish)
  • Sworn translations (English>Spanish)
  • Proofreading (Spanish)




  • Literary and technical translation
  • App, website and software localisation
  • Transcreation and copywriting


Why trust in me as your translator?


When we translate, we take on the challenge of having to rewrite a text in the target language which, at the same time, must be faithful to the source text and contain the linguistic peculiarities of the source language. This way, the reader will not notice that he is dealing with a translated document. As a professional in this field, I not only have an extensive knowledge of the source languages, but also master my mother tongue. To offer you a qualitative translation I acquaint myself with the matter in question to have all the required background information and terminology. I have also access to the necessary CAT tools so I can speed up the work while translating accurately the contents.